Jacque’s Policies

Ladies and gentlemen, please remember to keep the noise level down, and to be courteous and respectful to our neighbors upon arrival to and departure from the establishment. We are a good neighbor and we appreciate your cooperation.

PATRONS: You can reserve your table by calling 617-426-8902. A credit card may be required. Reservations are HIGHLY recomended for Wednesdays through Satursday. Fridays: Checked in & seated by 9:30, showtime 10:00 PM. Saturday 1st Show: Checked in & seated by 6:30, showtime 7:00 PM. Saturday 2nd Show: Checked in & seated by 9:45, showtime 10:15 PM. If you are late on Friday or Saturday you will lose your table! No exceptions! We have shows 7 nights of the week.

Bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties are all welcome any night. We take reservations or come on down and just have a good time.

We sincerely ask that you please remain seated throughout the performance for the enjoyment of all our customers and out of respect for the entertainers who work so hard for you. Thank you.